Pulmonary, Critical Care, and Sleep Medicine

Williamson Pulmonary and Sleep Associates offers treatment for a wide variety of illnesses related to diseases of the lungs and respiratory system. Dr. Harsh Babbar and his associates at Austin Critical Care Specialists are board-certified and are equipped to treat lung diseases and sleep disorders. They also work in the intensive care unit (ICU) at area hospitals, providing life-saving care when patients need it most.

Choose a specialty below to learn more about these related areas of medicine.

Pulmonary medicine is a medical specialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the lung and lower respiratory tract. A physician who specializes in this field is called a pulmonologist or pulmonary physician.

Intensive care medicine, or critical care medicine, is a branch of medicine concerned with the provision of life support or organ support systems in patients who are critically ill and who usually require intensive monitoring.

Sleep medicine is a medical subspecialty that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disturbances or disorders. Physicians specializing in this field are able to accurately interpret overnight sleep studies or polysomnographies and diagnose conditions relating to sleep.

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